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Thank you for taking the time to read our policies. Our goal is to help you purchase the correct derailleur hanger the first time.

To make a purchase:

The photograph of the hanger is the best means to identify which hanger you should order. Sometimes customers do not remember the year of manufacture of their bike, or even which model they have. Also, some bicycle models used two different derailleur hangers within one year's production.

At checkout please consider purchasing two derailleur hangers. We provide a dscount for any purchase of two or more hangers in a single transaction. We offer this discount because we strongly believe in always having a spare derailleur hanger.

We will send you an email confirming that the order has been shipped. Therefore, please be sure to enter a valid email during the ordering process.

All communication with us should be by email to


  • All US orders are shipped using US Postal Service Priority Mail (normal 2-3 days shipping)
  • All international orders (ie, orders outside the US) are shipped using US Postal Service First Class International Mail (normal 7-14 days shipping)
  • Standard shipping charges are $7.00 USD for all US orders and $14 USD for all international orders (ie, those outside of the US) using the above shipping methods
  • If you require expedited delivery (overnight shipping in US; may be more than one day for international shipping), please use the appropriate pull-down menu item in the shopping cart


Exchange are provided only under the following conditions:

  • You must email us and let us know your situation
  • You must mail the item back to us at your expense
  • We must receive the item in unused, resalable as-new condition - no exceptions. Unwrapped is fine. Damaged is not.

Send returns to:
P.O. Box 270623
Louisville CO 80027

As part of the exchange process, we might request more information from you, and perhaps digital photos as well, to help select the correct hanger.

We will send the correct hanger to you via USPS First Class mail. If the error was our fault (eg, we sent you the wrong derailleur hanger), we will send you the correct hanger via the same shipping method you chose originally at our expense.

If we determine that we don't have the derailleur hanger you need, you will be refunded immediately for the hanger.


We have a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee policy. When we receive the returned hanger(s), we will credit your purchase price. Please include a note as to why you are requesting a refund.

Not in Stock:

If we cannot fulfill the order, we will contact you via email and ask you if you would like to:

  1. Refund the sale immediately
  2. Keep your purchase information, and complete the purchase when we receive the hanger (by a time that you specify)
  3. Special order the part for you.

A special order is a request for us to acquire a derailleur hanger or part that we do not ordinarily stock. There are no refunds for special orders under any conditions.

Photo Tips:

If you would like us to provide our opinion about which is the correct derailleur hanger for you to purchase, email us some digital photos of your bent or broken derailleur hanger to

Here are some photo tips that will help us help you...

  1. Remove the rear wheel from the bike
  2. Photograph the rear dropout of the bike (where the derailleur hanger is affixed) with or without the hanger still affixed to it
  3. Photograph the hanger from both sides so we can see features of the hanger
  4. Remove the derailleur from the bent or broken derailleur hanger so we can see the hanger in pretty much its' original shape
  5. If the derailleur hanger is broken, remove the top part from the frame and the bottom part from the derailleur and place it on a flat surface as if you were trying to reassemble it - then photograph it.

The above will aid us in comparing the bent or broken hanger to the original.


We are very proud to offer high quality derailleur hangers that are CNC machined from aircraft-grade 6061-series aluminum, and anodized black.

Warranties: and its employees make no claim of suitability or durability for any products sold by us. By purchasing from you agree to hold harmless and release all parties related to and its' operators from any and all actions.

In order to assure proper installation of a derailleur hanger we recommend that your bicycle be taken to an independent bicycle repair shop and have them install it.

NOTE: Many derailleur hanger-destroying accidents are caused by improper adjustment of the derailleur PRIOR TO THE ACCIDENT! Do not simply install a new derailleur hanger and forget to properly adjust the derailleur.


Thank you for your business. We look forward to your continued business. If you liked our products and services, please tell your friends about us.


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