New Features on Coming in February 2020

Happy New Year! We hope that you are full of anticipation for your bicycling adventures in 2020, whether for commuting, fitness, competition, exploring new or previously traveled terrain, or simply cruising around town or the countryside.

As we hope you are aware, is best known for making it easy for you to find the correct hanger for your bike, and for providing personalized customer service. Within the next month we will be adding the following new features to the website to make it even easier for you to find the correct hanger for your bike, and to manage your account on

New features available soon on

1)  Additional filters that can be used when searching for the correct hanger for your bike

To complement our simple 1-2-3 search process, which includes the following three selections or filters…

  1. Select the Bike Manufacturer for your bike
  2. Select the Bike Model of your bike
  3. View the hangers displayed and, based on the photos of the hangers, select the hanger that matches the hanger used on your bike

…you will also be able to select the following filters:

  • Number of fasteners:  The number of bolts or screws used to attach the derailleur hanger to the rear dropout
  • Mounting:  Whether the hanger mounts to the outer or inner surface of the rear dropout (where the inner surface is the wheel-facing surface of the rear dropout)

The above filters will be available on any page on our website where derailleur hangers are displayed. As always, if after using the filters you are still not able to determine the correct hanger for your bike, you can contact us using our “Contact Us” form to get additional personalized assistance from the team at

2)  Multiple images from various angles for each hanger

We added a feature whereby multiple images will be available for each hanger on, such as both the inner and outer surface of the hanger, and sometimes images from other angles for hangers that have unique three-dimensional features. That will make it even easier for you to compare the hanger from your bike with the hangers available on As we state on our website, we always recommend comparing your hanger to the hanger photos available on before finalizing your purchase.

3)  Make it easier to manage your account on

If you decide to create an account on (which is not required when purchasing derailleur hangers on, we are simplifying the account management selections so that managing your account on is more intuitive. One advantage of creating an account on is that you can view your purchase history with us, along with storing your shipping and billing information so that our website will auto-populate that data for you in the shopping cart during checkout. Please note that we do not store any payment details, such as credit card information. Rather, all of that information is managed by our merchant account provider (PayPal).

We are excited about the above three enhancements that will be available on by middle of February 2020.

As always, if you are in need of a replaceable rear derailleur hanger, you can use the selection filters and other information available on to quickly find the hanger required on bike, or click on the “Contact” link on our website and we will respond quickly to provide personalized assistance

Please let us at know if we can assist you in any way. Happy riding!