ANGi – A crash-sensing safety device from Specialized

Obviously, safety on the trail or road is essential for cyclists. In a previous post on our blog (“Be seen, be visible”) we discussed cycling safety research funded in part by Trek, safety products provided by Trek, and best practices espoused by Trek for cyclists supported by the research. In this post we are highlighting a crash-sensing safety device made by Specialized.

In November 2018 Specialized announced the release of their new ANGi safety device. ANGi is an acronym for Angular and G-Force Indicator. As its full name suggests, the ANGi device detects impact and/or rotational forces that a rider might experience during a crash (via an accelerometer in the device). The ANGi unit communicates via Bluetooth with the Specialized Ride app on your smartphone (iOS or Android). If the ANGi unit detects a crash during your ride, a countdown is activated on your phone. If you do not stop the countdown within the prescribed time limit, the Specialized Ride app will then send a text to your emergency contacts, and the text will include your most recently updated GPS coordinates. Again, click here to find more information from Specialized regarding ANGi.

The Specialized ANGi device replaces the ICEdot Crash Sensor, which Specialized purchased in 2017. Here is an excellent article by Scott Kingsley on Bike World News regarding Specialized ANGi and comparison to ICEdot Crash Sensor.

A rider using the ANGi device must also use the Specialized Ride app. The Specialized Ride app syncs with Strava and other select apps. Obviously, your phone must also have an active cellular signal for the app (via your phone) to transmit the alert and GPS coordinates to your emergency contacts.

The Road ID app has a Stationary Alert feature that you can configure whereby, if you are stationary for a certain amount of time (the duration for which you set in the app), it will notify your emergency contacts. However, there is no crash-detecting device for the Road ID app.

Obviously, a bike helmet has become the most used safety device for cyclists. However, it is great to see a number of excellent technologies, and underlying research, being applied to further rider safety and awareness.

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