We support local bike dealers

A large (and growing) number of local bike shops purchase replaceable rear derailleur hangers from us. At derailleurhanger.com we stock over 500 different types of replaceable rear derailleur hangers – many more than what are available through bike wholesalers. In addition, we provide personalized service to help you quickly find the correct hanger for a given bike model.

We provide a wholesale discount for local bike shops. To request our wholesale discount code, please submit information regarding your store using our Wholesale form…


In our Wholesale form we ask you to provide the following information…

  • Name
  • Email
  • Company name (i.e., name of your local bike shop)
  • Address
  • Company URL

We love working with local bike shops in support of the excellent products and services you provide your customers.

To find the correct hanger for your customer’s bike, you can use the “1-2-3” process and other information available on derailleurhanger.com to quickly find the hanger required on your customer’s bike, or click on the “Contact” link on our website, and we will respond quickly to provide personalized assistance

Please let us at derailleurhanger.com know if we can assist you in any way.