We are here to help you find the correct rear derailleur hanger for your bike

While cycling, if you have an incident that bends or breaks the replaceable rear derailleur hanger on your bike, we know that you will want to quickly find a high quality replacement hanger, and hope you visit derailleurhanger.com to look for that hanger.

We work very hard to make it as easy as possible to find the correct rear derailleur hanger for your bike. For example, please see our previous blog post “Finding your hanger is as easy as 1-2-3” for an overview of the following three steps we make available on our website…

  1. Select the Bike Manufacturer of your bike (using the left pull-down menu)
  2. Select the Model for your bike within that Bike Manufacturer (again, using the left pull-down menu)
  3. Click on “Add to Cart” for the correct Hanger for your Bike Manufacturer and Model

However, if after following steps 1 and 2 above and you do not see the correct hanger for your bike, or if your bike manufacturer or bike model are not included in the pull-down menus on our web site, then we provide two options for you to get additional assistance from us…

1) Alternative Search Page:  In the bottom portion of the “FIND YOUR HANGER” pull-downs on the left-side of the derailleurhanger.com web site, you will find the following text…

“If you do not see your hanger on this page, please click HERE to go to our Alternative Search Page”

On our Alternative Search Page you can click on the option that matches your hanger…

  • Hangers with two holes
  • Hangers with three holes
  • Hangers with four or more holes

By “holes” we are referring to any bolt hole(s) on the hanger, including bolt holes used in fastening the derailleur hanger to the rear dropout on your bike, the bolt hole used to attach the rear derailleur to the rear derailleur hanger on your bike, and any through-axle hole. You can review the hangers on the relevant web page to see if we have a match for the hanger used on your bike.

2) Contact link:  If, after reviewing hangers on our two (2), three (3) or four-plus (4+) hole web pages, you cannot find the correct hanger for your bike, please click on the Contact link in the upper right of the web site, which will open up a Contact Us form page. Please provide the requested information, including the Bike Manufacturer, Bike Model, Year (if you know the year), and photos of the rear derailleur from your bike. When taking pictures of the rear derailleur on your bike, please do the following (this same information is specified on the form page)…

  • Remove the rear wheel from your bike
  • Remove the derailleur hanger from your bike before taking photos of the hanger
  • Take photos of both the inner and outer surface of the hanger (the “inner” surface being the surface of the hanger that sits up against the rear dropout on your bike)

If you do not have the replaceable rear derailleur hanger from your bike (e.g., perhaps you purchased the frame, and it did not come with the derailleur hanger), then please include photos of the rear dropout on your bike.

We receive many requests each week via our Contact form page from people looking for a unique replacement hanger. Again, it helps us greatly if you can look on your own first to see if you can find the correct replacement hanger for your bike. However, if you cannot find the correct hanger on your own, we are eager to help you through the information and photos you provide us using our Contact page.

We stock well over 500 different types of replaceable rear derailleur hangers. However, the bike industry, and bike manufacturers in particular, are very creative, and they are constantly creating new types of replaceable rear derailleur hangers. It is very difficult for us, or any other after-market manufacturer and distributor, to keep track of what hanger is used on what bike model during a given manufacturing year, and to manufacture all of those hangers. We attend the major bike shows each year (e.g., Eurobike) to learn from bike manufacturers what hangers they are using on bike models each year. We also reach out to bike manufacturers to learn what hangers are being used on bike models each new manufacturing year.

Our goal is to provide the best customer service in the industry so that our customers can quickly find, purchase and receive the correct replaceable rear derailleur hanger for your bike, and you can quickly be back on your bike. We hope this blog post, and the “1-2-3” process and other information available on our website, does just that. Again, if you ever need any assistance, please click on the “Contact” link on our website and we will respond quickly and provide assistance.

As always…please let us at derailleurhanger.com know if we can assist you in any way. Happy riding!