Bicycle industry sales continue at a robust pace

We apologize for the delay between blog posts. Like the rest of the bicycling industry, our sales and customer inquiries have increased significantly this spring and now into summer. We always put customer service above other deliverables, including blog posts. We will do our best to continue to provide more consistent blog posts this summer and into fall 2020. There is plenty of exciting news and events to write about!

Bicycle Retailer reported in their June 2020 monthly newsletter that, according to The NPD Group, sales across all retail channels in the US cycling industry increased by 75% in April 2020 to approximately $1 billion. In addition, The NPD Group also reported that April 2020 was the first time that US sales exceeded $1 billion in a given month (with sales in April generally in the range of $550 to $575 million). The bulk of the sales increase has been in products used by families for leisure and neighborhood riding.

An interestingly titled article by Matt McFarland from CNN on 2 June 2020 entitled “‘The new toilet paper:’ Bikes are flying off shelves, overwhelming shops” documents how services at bike shops (e.g., repairs, adjustments, bike fitting, etc.) are also in significant demand. In the article McFarland interviews bike store owners and managers, providing on-the-ground realities that support the data from The NPD Group and Bicycle Retailer. For example, bicycle repairs that generally would require 1-3 days are now taking 3-4 weeks to complete due to significant demand and the resultant backlog.

Obviously, that backlog also means that a lot of bike owners are doing repairs on their own. Fortunately, for most cases where a new replaceable rear derailleur hanger is needed, you can replace the hanger on your own. We provide a “how to” video in the lower portion of our home page at . If the event that caused the rear derailleur hanger to bend or break also damaged the rear derailleur and/or the rear dropout, we always recommend that you take your bike to your local bike shop to get their expert assistance in fully resolving any issues.

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