The replaceable rear derailleur hanger; so small and inexpensive (relatively), yet so important

Since we started our business in 2006 it has been an honor to help so many people find the correct rear derailleur hanger for their bike. Most of our customers are able to quickly find the correct derailleur hanger using our 1, 2, 3 method (select the bike manufacturer, select the bike model, and then select the correct hanger for your bike). Other customers have a rare bike model; or they don’t have the derailleur hanger and must find the correct hanger based only on the geometry of the rear dropout; and a host of other interesting scenarios. Those customers often reach out to us using our Contact Us page, and we are eager to help. During COVID we have received a large number of requests each day to help find the correct hanger, and we do our best to respond in a timely manner.

On a recent ride of our own to clear our brains and get some exercise in the beautiful outdoors here in the Boulder, Colorado, area, we were pondering how intriguing is the replaceable rear derailleur hanger. In some early blog posts we described the history of the replaceable rear derailleur hanger (i.e., why it was invented), and also why derailleur hangers machined from high quality industrial aluminum (e.g., aircraft-grade or other grades with demonstrated strength and resiliency properties) are stronger and more reliable than hangers that are molded or drop-forged using recycled aluminum

While pondering the rear derailleur hanger on our bike ride, it became very apparent that it would be difficult to identify any other bike component that is so small and inexpensive (for most bikes), and yet which plays such an essential role in the function of a bike (i.e., if the component is not functioning properly, then the bike cannot be used). For example, a brake cable, which costs only a few dollars (USD) might be the only component on a bike whereby, if the brake cable breaks or otherwise becomes ineffective, one cannot (or should not) use the bike. Yes…you might be able to slowly ride your way home as long as the roads are relatively flat, and you have ample room to slow down. If a derailleur cable breaks (for those with mechanical rather than electric derailleurs), one can generally use the default cog to get home (again, slow but sure). For those using tubes (e.g., clincher tires with bike tube), then one obviously needs to either repair the tube or use a new tube to get home. Fortunately, long ago most people started riding with a spare tube or tube repair kit, along with a pump or CO2 cartridge to inflate the new tube. The tire might be the only other bike component that is relatively inexpensive (depending on the tire you use) that, if it is not functioning, and if you do not carry a spare (most people do not ride with a spare tire), then you are not able to get to your desired destination until you can replace the tire and get back on your way.

The purpose of this blog post is not to wax poetic about the replaceable rear derailleur hanger, nor focus on the rear derailleur hanger simply because that is the sole focus of our business (where we stock and sell over 600 different types of replaceable rear derailleur hangers). Rather, we are simply reflecting on the reality of the importance of the replaceable rear derailleur hanger to the function of the bike (to get from point A to point B, for whatever reason you are riding), and that such a small and inexpensive product plays such an integral role to the ability of the bike to serve its purpose to get from point A to point B. We simply cannot think of any other bike component that is so small and inexpensive, yet which is essential to the function of the bike.

It is also because the rear derailleur hanger is so small, and because it generally works as it should until the rider has some event that bends or breaks the rear derailleur hanger, that we become aware of how important is this small yet highly important component of the bike. In fact, we often take for granted the rear derailleur hanger, because it works and works and works for us without us thinking about it until it bends or breaks, and then we are in desperate need of a new rear derailleur hanger.

It is within this reality that we totally understand how each and every customer of has an urgent need to quickly find and purchase and receive the correct new derailleur hanger, get it installed, and get back to riding. We do our best to quickly help customers find the correct rear derailleur hanger for their bikes, and to quickly process and ship your orders. We make multiple runs to the US Post Office and FedEx facility each day to get your orders on the way as quickly as possible. We purposely decided to use shipping methods that result in fast, trackable delivery both in the US and internationally. We also provide the best quality replaceable rear derailleur hangers one can find worldwide. We purposely stock almost exclusively derailleur hangers that are CNC-machined by Pilo using high quality 6061 aluminum in an ISO-certified laboratory. We only have a handful (7 of our 600 hangers) that are OEM hangers made using recycled aluminum (because that is currently the only source available for those hangers).

We must also thank the inventors of the replaceable rear derailleur hanger many years ago. Their ingenuity made it very easy to get the bike back in riding condition, versus having to remove all the components of the bike, ship the bike to the manufacturer or frame builder for repair, and then reinstall the bike components. We still receive a number of times each week Contact Us submissions from customers that have integrated rear derailleur hangers (where the rear derailleur hanger is a part of the frame, rather than a replaceable part). For those instances, we wrote a blog post with some recommended options for either fixing or replacing the integrated hanger.

The replaceable rear derailleur hanger is truly a small, inexpensive, yet vital component to the proper function of the bike. As a result of such, we make it as easy as possible for you find the correct hanger for your bike, and to get the required high quality derailleur hanger to you as quickly as possible.

Two other recommendations we have for you…

  • Purchase two (2) derailleur hangers rather than one (1) and carry the extra hanger with you as a spare. We provide a 10% discount when you purchase two (2) of the same hanger.
  • Purchase our Emergency Hanger (Hanger #199) and carry that with you as well. Our Emergency Hanger will work on approximately 90% of the bike models used today. The advantage of the Emergency Hanger in the field (especially for mountain biking) is that you can share this hanger with your friend who is riding with you and may not be carrying a spare hanger with him/her.

As always, if you are in need of a replaceable rear derailleur hanger you can use the “1-2-3” process and filter mechanisms available on to quickly find the hanger required on your bike or your customer’s bike. If needed, you can also click on the “Contact Us” link on our website and we will respond quickly to provide personalized assistance. At we work very hard to provide the best quality replaceable derailleur hangers, carry more hanger types than any other provider in the US, and to provide excellent personalized customer service.

Please let us at know if we can assist you in any way. Happy riding!