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Be seen, be visible

With the warming weather for those in the northern latitudes, more and more people are out on their bikes; on the road or trail, on city streets and gravel back-roads. For each and all of us out on our bikes, safety is paramount. One important aspect of bicycle safety is making yourself highly visible so […]

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Why hangers made from aircraft-grade aluminum are better than hangers made from recycled aluminum

When shipped from the manufacturer, most bicycles have a rear derailleur hanger made from recycled aluminum (drop-forged or machined). However, replaceable rear derailleur hangers provided by are machined using aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum (with a few exceptions; some initial hangers we stock may use other types of aluminum before being machined from 6061 T651 aluminum). At […]

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Finding your correct hanger is as easy as 1-2-3

In our previous two blog posts, we discussed why replaceable rear derailleur hangers exist, and what are rear dropouts and the role they play in regards to what rear derailleur hanger is used on any given bike. In this post, we discuss the “how and why” behind the “1-2-3” user experience found on the […]

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The Rear Dropout — Not Discussed Much, But Essential

In our previous blog post, we discussed why replaceable rear derailleur hangers exist. In this post, we are going to discuss the rear dropout. Wow…another suspenseful and thrilling topic! OK…not so much. However, for all things related to replaceable rear derailleur hangers, the rear dropout is essential. So…what is a rear dropout? The rear dropout […]

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Why Replaceable Rear Derailleur Hangers?

So…why do we have replaceable rear derailleur hangers? When rear derailleur hangers were first envisioned, the inventors of the rear derailleur obviously needed to attach the derailleur to the bicycle frame. Therefore, bicycles with rear derailleurs in that day and age used a rear derailleur hanger that was part of the frame. In other words, […]

Continue Reading Launching New Blog is excited to announce we’re launching a new blog. The blog will be a growing resource for bicyclists, whether you’re starting just to learn more about your bike or are already a cycling enthusiast. We’ll be bringing our passion for quality bike parts to this blog with information on how to find the […]

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